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We require that each prospective grantee submit each year, with its annual input, a certification letter, submitted by BOTH email AND on paper (with inked signatures on the paper).   Use the below SOLELY as a PRELIMINARY form (which is SOLELY for your instructional use in understanding what we need as well as containing URL LINKS to the underlying detailed instructions for your use). Later, a FINAL FORM (to be used for you to copy and edit and then use in the reproducing of the FINAL COPY for you to submit to us) can be found at the "certification" (the very last. bottom of the page, of the template-requirements shown on the due Jan 31st webpage)  And, for identification purposes, please use our terminology (as described at Point B2-5 on ongoing requirements webpage) for the subject-names you give to any documents that you send us as emails AND/or attachments to any emails.  Each year (just prior to January 31), submit one email (see due Jan 31st) listing all of your attachments that are due at that time, with an attachment with your complete one-page comparative financial statement with notes PLUS other separate attachment(s) such as a copy of the paper certification letter and all other attachments and information required by the certification letter (with everything referenced and coded with a specific filename referenced to it, point by point) (this latter description of attachments is described further on our Checklist (summary) and on our templates webpages (each of which describes and more often offers a FORM that you should use, as described above). 

In observing the above requirements, you might also consider the certification letter as a "control" over what you should be submitting which both of us can and should compare to what you are submitting.   However, we have also provided a checklist (summary) of our requirements for each year that should also be helpful to you.

The below, therefore, basically constitutes INSTRUCTIONS for the annual certification letter to the MPWCF and it should read as it appears on the due Jan 31st webpage (however, please use each LINK below to obtain further explanation/definitions).  Remember, DO NOT USE THE BELOW LETTER OR SEND A COPY OF IT TO US. Instead, USE the CERTIFICATION (see the template) at the very bottom of the due Jan 31st webpage 

The undersigned principals of (insert name of your organization) certify that for the current grant year (insert this January's year) our organization has read, understood, and complied with your requirements as specified on your web-site at and most specifically, we answer the following questions:  

  1. Whether or not there has been any changes in our answers to your questions 1-20 of your 1st year requirements page since we last answered them,  we have re-submitted by email dated (insert most current submission's date here) and with the email subject "Section A Confirmation" containing a newer and more current attachment of this information with the attachment title "20 questions".     circle answer yes/    no change    /no          (if “no”, explain as #1)  
  2. We have reviewed your latest "Comments (that need to be responded to between Nov 1 and Jan 15)" email from the prior year and answered them completely (using the copy-reply format, described at the bottom-half of the some details  web-page, and adding our specific and detailed answers to each question as a reply/response after each individual question).  You should have received this by email sent on  (enter date) with the subject: Response to your Comments (that need to be responded to between Nov 1 and Jan 15).    circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #2)       

Points #1 and #2 above were due and were submitted to you by October 31st and by January 15th, respectively.  The following points #1 through #10 were submitted to you by January 31st as attachments to an email at that time.

  1. We submitted by attachment one combined detailed financial statement that includes next year's budget figures, this past year's actuals, this past year's budget, and the prior year's actuals (using the format shown on your financials-example web-page).  The attachment is called "Financials"      circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #3)   
  2. For any compensation or any other fees paid to anyone at all, we certify that such amounts are carefully and completely explained and quantified on the face of our financial statements.    circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #4)      
  3. We submitted by attachment the answers to your  7 questions  in Point D of ongoing requirements.  The attachment is called "7 questions-Point #D"     circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #5)  
  4. We also submitted, where necessary, attachments with Subjects for those points in the above 7 questions-Point #D that required longer and more detailed responses.  Each of these supplementary attachments are first listed by name only on the "7 questions" attachment and then referenced to the appropriate attachments that, in turn, are entitled "7 questions - Point #D(-D1,-D2, -D3, etc.).      circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #5a. #5b. etc/)   
  5. We submitted by attachment the answers to your continuity webpage concerns.  The attachment is called "Continuity"     circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #6)  
  6. We submitted by attachment answers to your internal control webpage.  The attachment is called "Internal Control"      circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #7)    
  7. We submitted by attachment answers to your 2nd four questions on the some details webpage.  The attachment is called "4 questions"   circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #8)  
  8. If we have received our share of the Foundation's Endowment two years after the Founder's death, we submitted by attachment the Endowment Assets report. The attachment is called  "Endowment Assets"   circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #9)    
  9. A paper copy of this certification letter has also been delivered to you at Suspiros #14, San Miguel.  circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #10)    
  10. In all other respects, to the best of our knowledge and belief, both individually and severally, we have complied with the requirements set forth on your web-site,          answer yes/no                (if “no”, explain as #11)
  11. at least one of the undersigned has, within the last 8 months, read, understood, and agreed that we have complied with all requirements of your website.  answer yes/no                     (if “no”, explain as #12)  
  12. We have read and understood and considered the implications for our organization of the new fact that you are going to dissolve this Foundation a short time after the Founder's death, whether or not we have met all of our requirements WELL BEFORE his death.  Our share of the endowment will be decided by him before he dies AND it will be based upon our cumulative input year after year.  We have been provided guidance on this in the table at the top of subsequent changes 

Signed by the following (please have your chief financial person and chief administrative person and chief executive sign this certification - formDateOct2010).

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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