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The original words (now edited by me and others for some updating of our earlier thoughts) on this webpage were written by me, Michael Wein, in December 2011 when, after knowing Andy Blair in San Miguel Allende since 1998, she and I re-discovered our original friendship, which was based mostly upon complete trustworthiness, mutual respect, common personal values, honesty and a sense of humor of our own that also appreciated each other's sense of humor.  And this was not to overlook the additional common fact that both of us wanted to do "good works" here in our new and permanent Mexican homeland.  We discussed the latter goal and found that we each possessed abilities that could help the other insofar as these abilities complemented what the other did not have and therefore could aid each other in the mutual furthering of our goals.  We, once again, were great friends, trusting and caring and desiring only the best for each other.

[[editor's note - at this point the reader should read the note at the very bottom of this page.  What you see here on this page are the original words written by Michael Wein in December 2011, added to and edited by the TPOTRFOMPW due to the "shocker" that Michael received sometime after he had written the earlier original words.  Then the TPOTRFOMPW created the Shocker and Evidence webpages.]] and Michael Wein added his own comments to this page and to the 2012 and later webpage(s).

Among the many things Andy and I talked (and laughed) about was the one great fact that as I got older, I lost more and more of my fellow ancianos to death and other health-related dislocations.  These had been people who I had hoped would be able to succeed me in the running of my Foundation after I died.  I recently realized that I needed a younger person to do that (who, obviously, had more of a likelihood to outlive me).   Andy loved this idea and agreed she was the best choice available to me to do that.   She and I had had a mutual friend, Toni Gerez, age 90 plus when she died, who Andy told me she "guided" during Toni's declining years and helped ease into, and comforted during, that friend's last years on earth.  Andy and I agreed that attending to my own personal healthcare needs, too, could comfortably be something that she could and would want to do for me.

I, in turn, learned of Andy's huge financial difficulties stemming from her expenditures exceeding her income by about $12,000usd a year and which were so out of control that she had incurred a Visa credit card debt of about $25,000usd.  She had no idea of how she could ever pay it off, especially since the Visa debt continued to cost her 21% interest (over $100usd a week in interest alone).  

She and I talked about this a lot for a long time (for about 3 to 4 months) and agreed we could and would solve each other's major problems.  We agreed on most of the details of how this could all work and we later signed a written Agreement detailing what we promised to do for each other.

I agreed to a partial advance to Andy of $25,000usd against her future services (as described below) and that money was to be used to pay off the Visa loan immediately.  I also had agreed to help her balance her budget (amazingly, this was the first budget she ever created in her entire life) by first saving her some $5,250usd a year in interest.  I had also agreed to continue to further help her balance her budget by suggesting various other ways she could increase her income and decrease her expenses.  She followed much of my advice and her income increased and her expenses decreased so that the $12,000usd a year deficit in her earlier pre-agreement budget evolved into a $12,000usd surplus in her later post-agreement budget, a $24,000usd turnaround for only the first new year.  Most of the ideas would be repetitive, so that the $24,000usd annual benefit could also repeat (or even get better) in future years also, for the rest of her life.

In exchange for the above, Andy agreed to assist me during my current and later years, most especially in my increasing health care needs, and to work with me on understanding and improving the Foundation web-site. And even more importantly, she agreed to have current and ongoing face-to-face meetings with the Foundation's grantees and then help them with their annual information input.  She would also study both the website and my estate papers so as to prepare herself to take over the duties and responsibilities of President of the Foundation after I could no longer fulfill my responsibilities in that office.  

Everything looked great for both of us.

But, then came the Shocker that changed my entire future and from which, I am still reeling in shock.   It was now time to attempt to fight back   My friends wrote the Shocker (and underlying pages) and I just recently added the 2012 and later pages.


We, the individuals who are involved in TPOTRFOMPW, have gathered all of the information that appears on the various (and linked pages below it) webpages from conversations and other varied communications with Michael.  As a matter of fact, he was adamantly against our publishing any or all of it.  But we were too anguished by his constant reluctance to take actions quickly against this woman as well as his continuing protection of her in spite of what she did to him.  We met often and argued often and finally overruled him and after publishing all of these pages, he finally agreed to at least read and comment on them and offer some major corrections and suggest many deletions, some of which we accepted.   As these thoughts and words now approximately, and to the best of our ability, reflect his own words, they remain worded "in the first person".  He also got us to eliminate certain things like the details and amounts on the budgets and the cashflow spreadsheets and we finally agreed that the "tops" of these documents were all we would publish at this time.  We feel strongly that he has been "taken" by a greedy and malicious and immature woman who professed to be completely trustworthy to gain his confidence and trust and then she turned around exhibiting nothing of what she was before he helped her out of her very serious financial mess.   Her true colors are now showing.  We even provide evidence, something she ignored in making her own wild accusations unsubstantiated by her own words in the many emails we examined.

written, edited, and uploaded (and password protected) by TPOTRFOMPW


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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