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Other evidence includes the following (in the order displayed further below):

front and back of my check #158 for $25,000usd payable to Andy Blair on Dec 12 2011, deposited to her account in Canada, and 10 days later charged against my TDAmeritrade account on Dec 22 2011 as shown on my monthly statement from them.
Extract of pertinent data from Andy's ScotiaBank VISA account statement showing an average of 20.99% (21%) interest rate on her debt, and which cost her $378.89usd in November 2011 based upon her October 2011 balances owed to them (this was the only Visa statement she ever provided, even though our agreement stated she should do otherwise and send me additional statements in the future)
Visual proof of my possessing Andy's budgets, both before and after our consultation - (tops only, as the amounts have been excluded from this webpage, at this time).  These budgets and our discussions of their components, led to Andy's increasing her annual cashflow by her estimate of over $19,000usd a year, or over $24,000usd if you also included the Visa interest savings as well.  
Latest weekly cashflow analysis - results of her first nine weeks of detailed recordkeeping intended to prove or adjust the details included in her budgets.
point by point verbal discussions leading to our Agreement.  A listing created Nov 30 2011 and updated (as late as Dec 6 2011, just before the discussion of the last items) as we discussed various open items leading to the writing of our previously oral Agreement.
Her Visa credit card (which I still hold for safekeeping) provided to me as a token assurance that she would not continue to overuse it in the future.  Of course, we both understood that she could still charge things without physically possessing the card, but her assurances that she would not  do that were sufficient at that time.


Below is the front and back of my check #158 for $25,000usd payable to Andy Blair on Dec 12 2011, deposited to her account in Canada, and 9 days later charged to my TDAmeritrade account on Dec 21 2011 as shown on my monthly statement from them.

Below is an extract of pertinent data from Andy's ScotiaBank VISA account statement showing an average of 20.99% (21%) interest rate on her debt and which cost her $378.89CDN in November 2011 based upon her October 2011 balances (this was the only Visa statement she ever provided, even though our agreement stated she should do otherwise and send me additional statements in the future)


Below is visual proof of Andy's budgets, first before (note: the "prepared on 5/16/12" date merely is an automatic spreadsheet dating on the date the below .jpg picture was taken - 5/16/12 - whereas the original spreadsheet was prepared by Andy before and in my hands by 11/17/11) and the second budget much later, after our consultation had just begun to show its earliest results - amounts not shown, at least at this time.   The one thing I am willing to publish at this time is that even in the first earlier budget, Andy's income was surprisingly high for a Gringa working in Mexico, compared to other Gringo's incomes, and yet she still had an out-of-control spending problem.   And all of this was over and above a major saving plus: the fact that she never paid income taxes to Canada, or to Mexico, or even to the USA where one or more of her clients may have been doing business.  And all of this income was next increased by the additional $19,000usd she budgeted in the second newer budget after she took my suggestions to get her clients to increase her income.

This is the 11/17/11 (or prior) spreadsheet - top only:

And this is the later, as amended for after implementation of some of the results of our consultations - again, top only, with amounts temporarily deleted, at least at this time:

Latest weekly cashflow analysis - results of her first nine weeks of detailed recordkeeping (again, the top only) with amounts temporarily deleted on the copy posted here.

"Blacked-out" (except for information critical for "proof using physical evidence" purposes) copies of the original pre-consulting budget and the post-consulting budget, as well as the week-by-week spreadsheets are available for viewing by clicking on spreadsheets

AND the original of all 3 Andy-prepared spreadsheets, with all Andy-entered amounts, are available on my computer hard drives for use in any court of law, whenever they become useful.


Point by point verbal discussions leading to our Agreement -- A listing created Nov 30 2011 and updated (as late as Dec 6 2011, just before the discussion of the last still open items) as we discussed various open items leading to the writing of our Agreement appears below (the original document is called "Andy-cpm-notes.doc".   The YELLOW highlighting signifies items that were still to be discussed in the last meeting prior to the signing of the previously oral Agreement.  Un-highlighted early items were, for the most part, now done, and some later items had yet to be done.  Michael's later (after the Shocker) comments are highlighted in AGUA

Point BY point CPM leading Up to Compensation Agreement & the additional us$25,000 advance against this 

    ..discuss draft of agreement with Andy   -- this was the draft that got signed, too early as it turns out, but done too early to speed up the process of getting the us$25,000 to Andy so she could stop paying the interest.

create sheet that list “points” for us to discuss so that we, both, have our needs represented and can offer things in response  - this is THAT sheet

Money can only be transferred as below– no other methods can I think of.  Each of these has a positive and negative part of it - Andy and I agreed to that statement

Andy can only get $$ from me if I GIFT her, LOAN her, or pay her a FEE or SALARY .  Andy and I already agreed to that statement  and decided on FEE ($25,000+my fin’l svcs for her health and MPWCF services)

Andy can only EARN more money from INCREASES from Clients, Barter Operations, other jobs  Andy and I agreed to that statement and we discussed Barter and Apartment Rental commiission both of which Andy turned down, accepting only the increases from current clients as something she is willing to pursue.  We then talked about how to go about increasing income from current clients.

Andy can only IMPROVE her financial situation by the above PLUS REDUCING ALL OUTFLOW (expenditures)  Andy and I agreed to that statement

What works best for both of us? A long discussion of the pros and cons of each possibility ensued and those that we both agreed to were incorporated into the Agreement contract..We even had some discussion about whether a paid companion was an appropriate term for what she is to do.. Much of this is confirmed by the reading of our emails back & forth prior to this written agreement.

how to be sure she does financially what she promises (especially no more BAD decisions) -  no more “pay later” purchases  These, too, were incorporated into the Agreement contract

how to emotionally as well as contractually, etc tie her to these promises/obligations  We discussed our past and how much I would have to trust her and count on her to do what she promises and Andy made what she agreed was an "iron-clad" pledge to go through with the future parts of our Agreement.. That satisfied my needs even thou I was doing my part upfront and she was to do her part later on.

must review the mortgage-type Loan contract so as to discover ways to possibly reduce the cashflow out  agreed that her "mortgage-type Loan" on her house was well-done and already as good as it could get.

must see all future VISA account and both Mexican and Canadian Bank statements (at least for the near-term future)  Agreed to this and made a part of our Agreement. This was one of the first obligations under our agreement that Andy ignored, possibly because she continued to be embarrassed about her previous financial life.

create written agreement between us that makes sure our written agreement spells out all of the above  I wrote this and submitted it to Andy and she read it and wanted only one change (referring to her as ANDY as opposed to previous suggestion of xoAB). This disappointed me (see below)..

Each of us, trusting each other the way we do, should ALSO read the agreement to be sure the OTHER side gets what they need (or want).  In other words, read the agreement to cover yourself and then also read it again to be sure the other is OK.  I had been hoping  (see emails around Dec 8th) that Andy would come up with ideas on how to protect me, just as I came up with the ideas on how to protect her.   She did not.  Anyone reading the agreement will note that the Agreement, EVEN IF it was carried out as originally planned, was heavily favorable to Andy, and that was its intent.  My concern was more for her as she had just been deeply hurt because her partner and lover in her "Natura" store venture ran away with her investment and the store.  My original plan, discussed with Andy in advance, was to reassure her that written agreements are better than oral agreements and that getting whatever is being promised paid  in advance is better than future payments or services.  At that time, I had no fear in believing that Andy was a person I could trust and I was just trying, obviously too hard, to show her that some people in her life WERE TRUSTWORTHY.  The oral agreement that we had previously should have been sufficient, but the new written agreement was intended to be my attempt to bolster her trust and help heal her scars from her horrendous fleecing (theft, etc.) by the man she referred to as her “ex-“ (most probably her ex-partner in both business and romance)

Talk about my own issues with Trust, especially since Andy “dumped” me with no notice once before  Once again, Andy apologized (as she had done in recent emails, and took all of the blame for her dumping me because of Carlos Vascoutz’  lies --which Andy only later realized were lies-- and Andy's own emotional problems then).   I did not realize until now how she had not changed much, if any.  However, even now, I agonize over how many of my "facts" about this problem we have stem from my continuing and trusting belief in things she said to me.  I still don't know if she is an out-and-out liar, or she changes her mind and moods from day to day, or what is the cause of her inconsistency and her beliefs.

Talk about her working for me at various prices hour versus for all of the things I am already doing for her just fixing her financial mess.   Although $20 an hour is the fee she charges for her present clients, the discussion then went to how much  I should pay her for these services to come.  We never discussed the amount of my own fees (although Andy already knew, previously when talking about things unrelated to this agreement, that I had charged between us$250 and us$350 an hour to my previous professional financial advisory clients) but this was not detailed in the written agreement as both of us knew that I wanted to continue helping Andy control her financial (and time management) life and no fee was contemplated for any future services beyond what I was already doing and had already included in arriving at the net us$25,000 payment for all of her services to me (which I never doubted would be provided when they became necessary - stupid me!!!.

Talk about the savings she’s had already – increased income on both clients (including reduction of time on one) plus saving $5200 a  year on $25000 Visa plus cutting her expenditures - by THIS point, she had already made these changes that I had recommended up to this point, with the recognition that there probably would be more to come..

then these PROBLEMS are still remaining  (BOLD items should be resolved before $25,000 cash changes hands - as I recall, except for the YELLOW highlighting above and maybe also the BOLD YELLOW ITEMS below,  at this point, I was satisfied that we had resolved all of the preceding (above) problems

If a gift( nothing), if a loan (how/when to repay), OK, this will be an advance payment on a paid job (how much pay - $25mAdvance+$5200 InterestSavedAnnually on the  $25m advance+ how much and what kinds and where is work and how to value time/days/months or whatever other time-scale is promised  PLUS my Consulting On Finances & timeMgt Problems.  - at this point, we had decided that the $25000 was NOT to be a gift or a loan but some kind of paid job (me the employer, Andy the employee).  The fact that we did not NAME what this agreement was does not obscure the fact that the agreement was for my professional services plus a net additional payment of us$25,000 in return for Andy's promise to provide her reciprocal future services.   We decided on the $25,000 as the money needed to pay the Visa loan and that  it was also sufficient to be the net cash portion of a total paid to Andy as (1) a $25,000 Advance, PLUS (2) the "interest saved on the Visa pay-off" was to be an additional compensation, PLUS (3) my professional services were to be still additional compensation, all in payment by me for the all of the many critical services Andy was to provide in the future.   Then, since we never discussed JUST WHAT the price per hour was to be, we generalized that the (unknown amount of) services that Andy promised to supply in the future would be sufficient to offset all of this.  Since Andy originally said she was so excited to provide both the healthcare services to me (like she did for Toni Gerez) and wanted to learn to run the Foundation (as much as possible now) and in the future, all for "no compensation", I felt assured that  the professional services and benefits already received plus the $25,000 would most certainly be so marvelous for Andy that she would have NO PROBLEM continuing to realize that what she received was more than sufficient EVEN IF SHE HAD TO PERFORM ALL OF MANY POTENTIAL SERVICES she promised to provide in the Agreement.  It still boggles my mind to think that she could go to the next step and refuse to do the services.  It was not even a realistic possibility for me to think that any honest, trustworthy, rational, sane, ethical, responsible, or realistic person could refuse AFTER she received ALL that she received.  How she rationalizes what she has done is something I can not even come close to grasping.  Is she an out-and-out crook, or a psychopath, or does she not even THINK?


trust her with keys to my house;   -by this time, she already had the keys to my house plus full access based upon introductions to my employees, plus knowledge of where I keep money or other assets - surprisingly, after she decided to dafault on our agreement, the only (and first, hopefully not the last) thing she returned was the keys (without explanation to either me or my employees-who received the keys from her).

FULLdisclosure (including what each gives and expects from the other – my needs are explained in the details of MPWCF:  education, understanding,  attendance@meetings, face2face with grantees, discussing grantee compliance.  And as far as the healthcare is concerned,  early and later aid where necessary,  friendship,  continuity - discussed and to the best of my memory, no disagreement about what I needed from her) - but I notice now that there is no comment on what Andy "gives or expects from the other" - see below at the next point on this list

her secrecy and need for privacy MAY be getting in the way of trust - in retrospect, I am SURE (no longer "MAY") this is and was a problem - obviously I trusted her and should not have. My subsequent reluctance to go ahead with legal and other actions against Andy even as late as May 2012 stems from Andy's lack of trust and my continuing attempt to assure her (starting with the written Agreement and NOT EVEN YET ENDING with my final decisions - whatever they turn out to be - about how I will OR WILL NOT let her run off with $25,000 PLUS $24,000 a year in counseling benefits PLUS the damage she has done to the Foundation and my health and my life.   And possibly worse than all, is HOW EASILY she seems to have rationalized that my "words" (poorly received and even more poorly understood by Andy) are sufficient cause to do what she is doing (or ignoring, depending upon how you look at it).   I just decided to add up the damage and/or the benefits to her:  us$25,000 PLUS us$24,000 in budgetary improvement the first year (+us$24,000 EVERY YEAR for the rest of her currently 41-year old life, so let's just say PLUS an understated additional us$25,000, PLUS something as little as $25,000 for the loss of my health and healthcare, PLUS the loss of the goals for my Foundation (which I had already invested more than us$120,000 in over the years) say as low as another us$25,000.  That adds up to a VERY LOW AND CONSERVATIVE us$124,000 which is obviously UNDERSTATING my losses and the damages she caused by her breaking of our agreement, and excludes the losses to the women and children of San Miguel as the damages (as defined in the estate and MPWCF regulations) done by Andy cause most (possibly all) of the more than us$3,800,000 to default to the USA  instead.

Andy, more trust and more openness and a little less protective privacy - no movement here from Andy (quite the opposite, actually !!!!!!) This may be the missing proof that Andy set out to STEAL from me.

Plans 2 meet again (SundayORMonday-additional time necessary to accomplish the above and the below) (Oh, I guess this reminds me that we were to meet at least one more time to finalize the Agreement before printing and signing it - I don't recall the details of the second meeting and apparently have combined my thoughts into the above and below comments as if  there was only one meeting)

Review Finl Results + VisaBillings + mtgeAgreement + then complete and sign MPW-oxAB agreement - this had to do with a last minute review of how the budget process was working, how the cashflow process was working, and where did we stand on all other "in process" things.   However, I was anxious to get Andy to pay-off Visa and cease the $100 a week in interest alone, so I ended up pushing the timing of the $25000 check so that she could pay off Visa which was my #1 priority.  Note that the "oxAB" name was yet to be changed on THIS paper and maybe yet on the Agreement itself.  This was also a cause for the written Agreement not being as legally protective of me as it was for Andy.  But a reading of our emails and all pre-signing agreements shows what the REAL INTENT was.

WHERE is the location of my ready (in-the-house) money in an emergency?  We never did get around to discussing this, possibly luckily for me as I would not put it past Andy to break in and steal money.

What about an unexpectedDisability (for either of us)  We had previously discussed that it was possible for this to happen to either of us and at Andy's suggestion, we made an agreement to inform each other by email (or by the absence of an email) of a problem.  I sent one email to Andy and then we decided that this is not a good idea or that it does not work so it was discarded shortly after it was first installed.

sent,CAREGIVER(2) and HEALTHCARE&loi&i to Andy on 11/18/11 - not sure WHAT this means today.  But it is a fact that I sent all of this info to Andy, well in advance of our written/signed Agreement

get EVERYTHING READY for my very UNEXPECTED QUICK DEBILITATED EXIT  - even today, I have yet to do this, probably will never get around to it now that there is no one to replace Andy.

Prepare Andy for supervising MY employees -even today, I have yet to do this in any replacement fashion, probably mostly as I really don't care anymore now that the Andy-plan is in default

the Actual Healthcare, if Needed even today, I have yet to do this, probably mostly as I really don't care anymore now that the Andy-plan is in default and I am embarrassed to admit that  I've lost a lot of my will to live   Have been close to suicidal at times but don’t want to give Andy that “pleasure”.

get her ready for the review of Oct 31 input (sent to her) as well as the Jan 15, Jan 31 input and the Feb annual meeting - these were Andy's first assignments and introductions to Foundation work, none of which she did anything noticeable (she MAY have read what I emailed her, but she never commented upon any of it, nor did anything contemplated to or with the Grantees).  And worst of all, her "scheduled on our Trustee's meeting agenda introduction to the Trustees was blatantly ignored by Andy herself.  I felt completely defamed by what she did in embarrassing me in front of the other Trustees)

foundation-work       NOW - need to read certain webpages first  Andy said she did this but the only results we had were some time spent together in my office editing a few pages for a little clarity

Andy-MORE specifics for running foundation (as well as my healthcare) we never got around to do this either

Website - ..Prepare Andy for understanding the website’s AUTHORITY  we never even started on this, one of the most important points in our Agreement:  the necessity in "running" Foundation from a President's viewpoint so that the real GOAL and MISSION of  Transparency and Continuity could be understood and implemented by Andy who agreed how little she knew about what this entailed beyond just the nice-sounding words "Transparency" and "Continuity"but nothing of the details and background necessary for her to implement it.

updating web-site to make the Foundation more perpetual without me living  This was just a note to myself since I had to do the "concept" part before Andy might have edited it (her part).

myEstate – as next alternative executor (but probably not going to need her) so therefore I want to compensate her solely for MPWCF and healthcare work (Ahh-haa, this is the smoking gun -- this was to be what Andy was to pay me in return for my professional services plus the $25,000 plus the savings in Visa interest for).  This was supposed to mollify her for any disappointment from not getting the $300,000 plus fee for being my Executor, the thing that I originally (in August 2011) approached her with as a back-up Executor. The additional fees for later MPWCF work written into the Agreement  were JUST TO REPLACE SLIGHTLY the $300m.

spreadsheets & other S/s Ideas - Oh, I almost forgot about this.  As part of creating the first budget she ever had in her whole life, I taught Andy how to make (and a number of things on how to use) a spreadsheet, something (surprisingly to me) Andy loved doing and learning about.

Remind Andy That Changes Could Ruin Our Relationship—so an occassional friendly hug is a good idea!! -- this was a possibility that I brought to Andy's attention SOLELY to make BOTH of us aware that money is an emotional thing for all people and that we would have to be on our guard so that this Agreement DOES NOT screw up a really great relationship.   Well, it did do just that.   And while I agree that I did some things wrong and contributed to this, it truly angers me that Andy would not take any part of the blame.  To her, everything  was all my fault.   A relaxed and impartial  re-reading of some (or all) of our emails to one another (which I am sure that Andy has not done) just might show any impartial reader that what Andy has accused me of IS NOT a rational reading of those emails.  

 Andy's Visa credit card (which I still hold for safekeeping) provided to me as a token assurance that she would not continue to overuse it in the future.  Of course, we both understood that she would still be able to charge things without physically possessing the card, but her assurances that she would not do that were sufficient, at least at that time.  Obviously, a picture of the front and back of that credit card would be a significant security breech and as a result I can not publish that here.  However, if it ever comes to a necessity to see it, I can physically produce the original card.

We, the individuals who are involved in TPOTRFOMPW, have gathered all of the information that appears on the various (and linked pages below it) webpages from conversations and other varied communications with Michael.  As a matter of fact, he was adamantly against our publishing any or all of it.  But we were too anguished by his constant reluctance to take actions quickly against this woman as well as his continuing protection of her in spite of what she did to him.  We met often and argued often and finally overruled him and after publishing all of these pages, he finally agreed to at least read and comment on them and offer some major corrections and suggest many deletions, some of which we accepted.   As these thoughts and words now approximately, and to the best of our ability, reflect his own words, they remain worded "in the first person".  He also got us to eliminate certain things like the details and amounts on the budgets and the cashflow spreadsheets and we finally agreed that the "tops" of these documents were all we would publish at this time.  We feel strongly that he has been "taken" by a greedy and malicious and immature woman who professed to be completely trustworthy to gain his confidence and trust and then she turned around exhibiting nothing of what she was before he helped her out of her very serious financial mess.   Her true colors are now showing.  We even provide evidence, something she ignored in making her own wild accusations unsubstantiated by her own words in the many emails we examined.

written, edited, and uploaded (and password protected) by TPOTRFOMPW



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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