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2014 NOTE - with changes caused by the Andy Blair tragedy (see Shocker) which resulted in reduced compliance with our Transparency and Continuity requirements by our SMA Grantees, it now appears that we will NOT be making perpetual distributions to SMA grantees that require any future reporting.  Instead we expect to issue one-time cash grants in accordance with the explanations on our allocations webpage.   

We now expect that approximately two years after the Founder's death, each Grantee will receive its share of the (now estimated at us$4,500,000 or more in November 2014) bequest to the MPWCF from the Michael Wein estate.  The allocated share and details about it are described in greater detail on the allocations webpage.   The following instructions are now crossed out (as in crossed out) and are left below as such merely as a historical reference.   Below we wish to instruct the various recipient Grantees (as well as the "default" Grantees - ACLUF and Rider) what their continuing responsibilities are afterwards under the new 2014 future.

Each of the remaining ongoing SMA Grantees (and each "default" Grantee) shall either prepare (or receive) a copy of all reports as well as supporting documentation, for all of the following, each annually (or upon the major final distribution itself, that one time) for as long as each Grantee wishes to continue in the Endowment holding (or potentially receiving) process.  All of the requirements are: 

discussed on the templates page (or its underlying Due(date) pages for Oct 31, Jan 15, and/or Jan 31) each year,
discussed on all "comments" letters sent by anyone (me, my Executor, or any other latter or earlier substitute),
shown on the site map for MPWCF webpage  which also should be consulted for other possible webpages regarding this instruction.

In addition to the above, the asset distribution webpage (in the "to whom it may concern" proposed letter, in the two last "instructive" paragraphs) states most of what additional information should be supplied from (or to) all concerned parties.  These two paragraphs refer to the allocated endowment that each SMA Grantee is (or will be) holding in a segregated and secure account (with a recognized USA brokerage firm).  This additional report (called the "Endowment Assets Report") is the report of the allocated Endowment's beginning values, the transactions for that year (each year), and the ending values that year.  This report is an important and a major part of informing the "default" Grantees of what each SMA Grantee is doing to stay within the restrictions placed upon them by the Michael Wein Trust Agreement (as described more fully on this website)

More about this required report  on webpages underlying this page you are now reading, specifically the endowment template page) for this annual report plus the how to do it page that shows examples of how you are to present all potential changes during the year.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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