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Some of the projects, all intended to be services to our community, that the MPWCF (or Michael Wein, prior to MPWCF incorporation) has been involved with since 1993 (they are listed in chronological order, commencing in 1993) for the most part are as follows (we are most proud of the items highlighted in this color)

...set up computerized database for authors, plays, etc., for Murray and Cleo Kamalhar's "The Actor's Lab".

.. gave input and regulations to USA consul agent, Col. Phil Maher, to update San Miguel Educational Fund's charitable contribution acknowledgement letter so that it conforms to IRS regulations for tax deductibility 

.. became a "volunteer bus guide" on already existing Biblioteca's House and Garden Tour.

..started comedy improvisation group by interviewing interested individuals, setting goals and purposes and methods, arranging with St. Paul's for meeting space;  and finally leading meetings of our group of talented (and quick-witted) participants for a little more than two years;

..started "discussion groups" mechanism wherein persons can use the database we accumulated, printed, and distributed, to meet with others to discuss whatever they want to discuss; wrote and had printed in Atencion articles causing others to be aware of these discussion groups and methods to list themselves for involvement in them, and to have all of this available so that all interested parties could receive and use copies of the list; request of St. Paul's Russ Archibald, researched, wrote and edited audit and internal control procedures for auditing and financial control of non-profit groups; wrote article for Atencion announcing its free availability to other non-profit organizations; edited originals and distributed to Lions Club, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Players Workshop, La Biblioteca, Patronato Pro Ninos, Unitarian Fellowship, American Legion, etc.  See more up-to-date  version of both audit procedures and internal control at miscellaneous.

..started my own personal program of monetary contributions to Patronato pro Ninos, Crescimiento, Unitarians, Players Workshop, Casa Ayuda, Feed the Hungry, CASA, ALMA, and other SMA organizations.  See also later contributions, now made directly by the MPWC Foundation at our grantees webpage.

..offered my years of experience in management consulting services gratis under specific conditions to Lucha Maxwell (Crescimiento), Luisa Velte & Ber Kane (both with Patronato pro Ninos), Cassandra Webb (Biblioteca), Tony Adlerbert and others (of Feed the Hungry), Fred Carpenter (Biblioteca's Mickler Center), and others.  See also later work by MPWC Foundation under "grants of management aid" on miscellaneous web-page  Still later on, designed a pro bono program for possible later years.

..assisted in St. Paul's development of a formula and contract for the Rector's COLA compensation adjustment.

..updated tax deduction acknowledgement letter so that it incorporated the deduction rules for goods as well as monies, at the request of Sylvia Ahrens of the Biblioteca fundraising committee.

..conceived, organized, and started SMA's resident email list (later to have evolved and become known as to spread ideas and help others in SMA. Later, suggested that all persons on my original list migrate to the new which had much fewer members but whose basic operation was better computerized. Upon merger, the combined coollist now had a quadrupling of membership, from about 20 to 80 members.  This merged list continued to grow and was the originating ancestor of what are now the Civil_SMA, the smacoollist, the sma_list, and the SMA-etc. etc. etc. etc. lists.

..researched, copied, and printed out IRS rules on contribution requirements, as well as the rules for charitable organizations insofar as public documents are concerned.   Brought these to attention of Bette Adams, new president of San Miguel Educational Foundation (later to be known as the SM Community Foundation). 

..wrote article "I believe" regarding my concept of what local charitable organizations that attempt to raise money in town should provide to their various constituencies.  Read this at beliefs , published in Atencion in 1997.  With much work and after many years, most of these beliefs have come to pass for most of the charitable organizations now operating in San Miguel.  In later years, up to the present, wrote about the concept of "constituencies" reminding all organizations (big and small, public and non-public, profitmaking or otherwise, that they should always consider ALL OF THEIR VARIOUS CONSTITUENCIES whenever they make ANY DECISION.  Employees, customers, donors, stockholders, officers and clerks, anyone and everyone that their organization works for or with, is effected by decisions, so all must be considered and basically as much as possible even in varying degrees, must be treated fairly and semi-equally.

..commenced practice of giving checks, payable to SMA charities, as my personal present or gift (for birthdays, parties, etc.) to SMA friends. The very first such check was for US$500 and given to Tommy Zaidenberg (which she requested be made payable to the Patronato pro Ninos), the 2nd to Barbara Hammond (which was then given to ALMA), etc.

..wrote letter to Board of Directors of Biblioteca asking questions about the Restaurante Santa Ana, the financial results of the House & Garden Tour, and why directors of their various profit-centers (known as "enterprises") were not kept informed of the financial dealings of their own profit-center.  These suggestions were intended to aid greater profitability at the Biblioteca.

..bore the brunt of "The Vigilante" (and accepted the dubious fame) of being San Miguel's "#1" in the El Financiero (Mexico City's international daily financial newspaper) listing of the 350 highest-earning (illegal) Gringo workers in San Miguel. The Vigilante's claim, of course, was totally inaccurate as I never offered my services locally for any payment price whatsoever.   However, and as a result, I met with the Mayor's office and we verified that the Vigilante was the trouble-maker and most (if not all) of his targets were not, in fact, working illegally.  "The Vigilante" was subsequently asked nicely by the local administration to leave town, which in fact, he promptly did.

..computerized Unitarian-Universalist (from now on, UU) Treasurer's report, reducing Treasurer's preparation time by more than 75%.

..created ideas for UU library database.

..contributed to the amending of the UU bylaws.

..worked as volunteer guide on the Patronato Pro Ninos' Historical Center Walking Tour.  At that time, each guide specialized in a "topic" such as the religious, or the arts, or the architecture, or the history, of the tour.   My specialty turned out surprisingly, even to me, to be comedy and entertainment.   

..designed my personal print-out notes of "story" for the Patronato Pro Ninos "walking tour", complete with recommended times to be at various locations, etc., in effect standardizing the bones or skeleton of the tour itself.

..designed for the Director of the Patronato Pro Ninos "walking tour", a format for a summarizing history report of the results of tour activities for comparison purposes and to aid in planning, etc..

..created The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc., funded solely by money from me and with a promised donation of my house and all of its contents upon my death.  During the earlier interim years, the net profit from the rentals of two apartments was also donated each year (and distributed to local charities). Still later on, this was all amended upwards to a donation of a minimum of us$1,000,000 upon my death and still other assets well in excess of us$1,000,000.  Later, again amended upwards, and now it is even larger, most recently projected to be at least us$5,500,000.  See MPWCFoundation.    The original goals and mission of the MPWCF continued until 2012 when I was unexpectedly damaged by a local woman and this created a huge deviation in the plan.  See Shocker and perfaps also allocations

..For the Foundation, I wrote criteria for "grant requests from local organizations", wrote "Goals" of the Foundation, wrote instructions specifying Trustee's responsibilities and duties (especially after I pass away).  As the years went on, I wrote all of the rest of the pages that currently constitutes this web-site as well as creating and uploading the web-site itself and continuing its updating to the date of this reading.   See site map for MPWCF

..created and offered to the battle-scarred but now newly elected Biblioteca administration a complete set of (new) by-laws for the Biblioteca designed to combat the type of malfeasance found in the previous 1996-2002 administration.    The Chairman of the By-laws Committee, David Bossman, adopted most of the bylaws without the suggested (by me) discussion of all of the ones he understood, but ignored (without questioning "why") those he could not understand a reason for.  Most of today's Biblioteca operating problems still stem from his lack of understanding, but more so from his uneducated reluctance to question "why" each was necessary.

..started a series of "town meetings" at the Sunday Unitarian services wherein the entire congregation and others from our SMA community can discuss a topic of current interest to San Miguelenses.  These continued at the rate of one every six Sundays for a period of about two years.

..started concept of, and made plans for, The Stirling Dickinson Lifetime Achievement award ($1,000 to each winner's favorite charity) both to celebrate the winner's life of volunteer work here in SMA (the award was named after the original SMA volunteer, Stirling Dickinson, whose story is told on the memories of sma webpage) and to boost the idea of the joys of volunteerism for others, especially new arrivals in town.   See lifetime achievement and volunteers

..created and published and promoted the first new completely free (and devoid of any advertising) SMA OnLine newspaper because Atencion caters mainly to tourists whereas our new SMA OnLine is directed to the expatriate residents themselves.  See online newsmagazine which is intended to supplement Atencion by adding features that remedy all of Atencion's own deficiencies as well as those of any other local English language newspapers.  

..introduced San Miguel's first online survey in May 2004 (using the newly available Survey Monkey) and surveyed our readership for their comments (see this at surveys) the absence of any other memorial services for all local expats who have passed away, created both the death and memorials and the obituaries and eulogies webpages on this website.  But, since that was not sufficient, I started what I hoped would be an annual Dia de Muertos memorial at the Unitarians Fellowship services.  In the first (and unfortunately only) memorial, each person who wished to publicly remember someone, was enabled to stand up and recite that person's name.  Each of the approximately 30 or 40 participants had been handed a schedule-of-order so that each could "pop up" here and there in the congregational gathering and recite that person's name in the ceremony that lasted some 5 to 7 minutes.

..AFTER LACK OF HOPED-FOR HELP IN THE SMA ONLINE NEWSMAGAZINE, AND NOTICING THAT I ALSO DID NOT GET SUFFICIENT COOPERATION IN THE MPWCF FOUNDATION AND AT THE UU WHENEVER I ASKED FOR HELP, AFTER YEARS OF EXTENDING MY HELP TO OTHERS, I ENTERED A "INTENTIONALLY SELFISH" PHASE OF "I WILL DO ONLY WHAT I WANT TO DO AND WHEN I WANT TO DO IT".  Later note:  although I intended to implement this "selfish" policy, I was not as successful in being selfish as I hoped I would and therefore continued to work at my interests here in SMA almost (if not quite) as much as I had done before the Newsmagazine appeared and after it ceased publication.   Mea culpa.
..created SMA's emergency medical care system for follow-up care by notifying ailing person's friends for all listed persons picked up by ambulance and brought to hospitals whenever they were picked up unexpectedly from "their fall onto the streeet".

..started an effort to establish microloans to poor Mexican women who needed seed money to start their own small businesses. suggested above, in 2005, I ceased many of my community services and began an earnest attempt to pursue ONLY my own many time-consuming responsibilities for the MPWCFoundation, the investment portfolio that forms its endowment, the rental apartments that provide current funds for current grants, and the multitude of personal needs that I, too, have, including, ongoing personal estate and tax planning, as well as putting aside some time for a personal life (I have tired of working 7 days a week, some 10 hours each day, 365 days a year).   Knowing myself, though, I suspect that I will continue to do things that I think need to be done and find others not willing or able to do them.  So, in that latter event, I will simply NO LONGER enter most of the details (like above) of what I have been accomplishing here.

Long before Warren Buffet (a personal hero of mine) made public the fact that he was donating about 50% of his fortune to charity, my personal estate plans included using a similar concept.  See History and then a combination of funding and its source, history-estimates.   As of December 31  2011, computations at that time specified that the MPWCF of San Miguel was to receive (after my death) about us$3,200,000 and two USA organizations (the ACLUFoundation and Rider University) were to get us$800,000, a total for the 3 beneficiaries of just over us$4,000,000, out of my estate's then value of about us$7,100,000.   By Dec 31, 2013, the MPWCF Foundation was to receive us$4,648,342 AND the two USA organizations receive another us$1,260,579, out of my estate then valued at us$10,427,000, a new all-time high on that 12/31/13 date.   By Dec 31, 2016 and even later, the estate had grown still more (see funding for later details).

An even slightly astute reader should notice that many of my ideas (both above and below), even where they were implemented and useful for some periods of time, may no longer be in practice here in town at the time of your reading.  This, in itself, was normal (observable to most residents and myself as far back as 1996) and acceptable but it, in turn, led me to refine my concept of continuity wherein anything considered, implemented or not, should be recorded in each organization's historical records (minutes of meetings, etc.) so that the reasons (at that time) are known to future readers and that the "wheel does not get re-invented over and over again" when such time wasted can be saved by such historical documentation.

A corollary to the above is the long-time San Miguel practice of many persons making a suggestion (the current Civil_List is infamous for this) for someone else to implement.  While this occasionally works, most long-term residents here KNOW that most of the time the only way to get something done is to do it yourself.  This requires a lot of time and effort, not only in the doing but in getting others to help even if only in just the brief honeymoon while they are willing to help.  The fact that many of us die, move away, and/or are only "part-time' residents, makes getting things done more difficult than elsewhere.  Nonetheless, I've tried to do so many variations on the above theme and have gotten only some of my ideas accomplished only some of the time and only to some of the extent hoped for.  I hope that this "comment" is even partially helpful for others planning other things for the future.

And now, listed below, are some of the lesser projects that were originally on this list in chronological order, included above, but now moved down here to speed up the reading of the list by having only the more useful or important projects nearer the top:

..loaned (or purchased) props and clothing to (for) the Playreaders Group and to Actors Lab for use in productions;
..worked out many preliminary plans and ideas to raise additional funds for Hospital de la Fe and submitted program description detailing such plans to gringo directors Phil Maher, Dan Wolf and George Bell. 
..observed management problems at House & Garden Tour, and then wrote letter suggesting many changes to enable better processing of guests thereby increasing income; provided copies to Tour Director Peter Mudge, H&GT Supervisor Marian Blair, and Biblioteca treasurer Cassandra Webb.
..participated in the recommendation and hiring of Jennifer Hamilton as new House & Garden Tour Director.
..accumulated information, tabulated it, and printed in Atencion a consolidated bus schedule of buses between Mexico City and San Miguel
..formed, and ran, under the auspices of the American Association of Individual Investors, a "computerized investing" club local chapter.
..provided free financial counseling services for various individual needy expatriates in San Miguel

..initiated and wrote weekly column "Computers, made simple" in Atencion.
..began practice of holding guests inside behind the gate of the House and Garden Tour until the buses were ready to be loaded, the result of which is both to get guests to listen to Director's promotion speech as well as to keep them out of harm's way when the outside sidewalk gets overcrowded.
..created database template for House and Garden Tour house inventory, including sorting mechanisms and other devices and aids to handling house inventory.
..created income template for House and Garden Tour accounting, including statistics on weather, costs, comparisons to last year, etc.   Years later, created a similar device for Patronato pro Ninos.
..adapted from Money Magazine, an article regarding the buying and selling of things at garage sales; published in Atencion on 9/22/97
..gathered information so that The Travel Institute (Marisela Patterson) could publish, at a nominal sale price which was then donated to Feed the Hungry, a pamphlet for gringos explaining laws and regulations regarding dealing with their house employees.
..started process (with letter to Lloyd's and Red Cross) of obtaining prepaid approval for hospital and other medical services in and around San Miguel.  Unfortunately, for our community, this was never implemented and remained a problem for anyone entering Hospital de la fe without funds in an emergency.  In 2018, because I was quite sure I would soon need such a process to pay for my own currently unexpected but soon possible emergency, I started a test process (combining my SMA executor with a NYC trusted friend who would wire transfer funds from NYC to SMA's CIBanco with a pre-arranged conversion to pesos by that bank who would release funds to my SMA executor.
..prepared an agenda and outline for a Unitarian service (October 11, 1998) which, included the guest speaker, Dr. Myron Blodgett, world's greatest authority on everything, who did a comedy improv for them.   Obviously, I appeared at pulpit as the ficticious  Dr. Myron, immediately after appearing as myself in the semi-spiritual first half of that Sunday's program.
..from time to time thereafter, did the same on additional subjects and meetings of UU: Folk Singer Leonardo Rosen, Poetry by Joe Ershun, Peace motif on Veterans Day, What UU's believe, and later, a long series of monthly town meetings, pre-announced in Atencion, and open to all and attended by many of the SMA community.
..created Procedural duties of the UU Membership Chairperson re: meeting/greeting of new guests.
..served on UU's "Fulfilling the Promise" Committee - and warned, unsuccessfully, regarding difficulty in scoring the results of our flawed survey; also "heading and categories for heading". When proved to be correct, also warned, again unsuccessfully, that even so, prelim results should be reviewed for good ideas (even if the results were not in a position to be tabulated).
..input many ideas to including ideas on computer usage (back-ups, email filters and mailboxes and sorting, local vendors, Imigracion, etc., etc., etc.).  

..ceased my once-very-active participation on coollist-type email lists at around 2004-2006 when too many newcomers turned the various SMA lists into a squabbling and less accurate sources of information than it had been previously.  In addition, the newcomers decided that their own commercial interests became the primary purpose of the lists and turned them into "mostly advertising for things for sale".
..worked behind the scenes to give David Bossman and Kendal Butler ideas on how to defeat the then current but entrenced administration at Biblioteca election upcoming.

..started the process to create a Toastmasters-type organization here in SMA.
..updated and created newer procedures and policies and finalized a full-disclosure treasurer's report for the UU Fellowship because previous handling results were inadequate for reporting, especially on Scholarship Fund and Outreach Fund.  This led to the beginning of Jovenes Adelante as a separate organization and also led to me being the largest annual supporter thru the regularization of grants thru the MPWCF.
..made myself available for questions from new UU treasurer and fixed all problems that he either found or did not understand.
..recommended that UU board start using modern technology (if only email and a web-site) to inform their board and members of agendas, program committee status, minutes, treasurer's reports, orders of service, quarterly UU bulletins, etc.
..offered to create, commence, and update, an early and preliminary UUFSMA web-site 

..created and nursed along to functionality the Stirling Dickinson Scholarship Fund bookkeeping system now to be used by Luisa Velte and Laura Schermer.
..introduced the idea and set up the first UU Sunday for "getting to know us" with Bob Hesdorfer, Dorie Beach, and Jane Casa appearing first in the ongoing series.

..created and ran an ongoing salon of 25 people (6 to 10 at any one meeting) to discuss topics a little above the ordinary. Considered adding a 2nd salon so that one salon is more of an intellectual format and the other for more emotional discussions.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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